There’s always something new you could learn! Consider getting back to basics with gardening, or get moving by learning a new dance. And if you have kids at home, we have a zippy craft that may redefine playtime!
As Always: Stay Strong, San Antonio!
-Kim & Michelle

Grow where you are planted

There’s nothing more grounding than getting your hands dirty. Planting your very own garden is a great idea for your home and wallet. Plants will beautify your yard, and vegetables will save you money! Even a small herb garden or a couple house plants will add life to your home.

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Shall We Dance?

Dances like the Waltz or the Polka look very complicated but are actually quite simple! Mastering a classic dance will impress your friends and keep you fit in a fun way. Learn some classic dance moves while at home to polish up your repertoire, or prepare for a post quarantine ball that someone will inevitably throw. 

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A Cable Car Called Desire

Commute for stuffed animals should be easy! Help ease the traffic and elevate the fun by crafting a cable car! This simple craft can produce hours of fun for your little one. The materials are simple and can be found around the house. Watching the car zip line around will be sure to add to your child’s playtime.

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