Even in quarantine, life is full of beautiful moments! This weekend, identify flying friends, throw your graduate pandemic-proof party, and create art with ice. Don’t forget to have fun while staying safe!
As Always: Stay Strong, San Antonio!
-Kim & Michelle

A Bird in the Bush

If you’ve been spending time gazing out the window these days, you may have noticed some feathered friends that you are unable to name. Get to know your nesting neighbors with a local bird guide! This guide is complete with pictures, visual descriptions, habitats, as well as a description of it’s birdsong. Ornithologists, Unite!
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Graduation Station

If you have a favorite scholar graduating this year, that’s a cause of celebration! However, a proper celebration is difficult during a pandemic. But life always finds a way to party! We’ve found a great list of ideas to celebrate your graduate, whether they be graduating with a master’s or a macaroni necklace. 
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Contemporary Ice

Inspired by the work of Sue Fuller, The McNay has designed a activity you can do at home, no matter the age! All you need is string, a freezer, and gumption.Your art will be fun to make, fascinate your family and confound your friends. Plus, it’s totally Instagram worthy. Talk about a cool craft!
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More Activities

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