This week has been surprising in more ways than one! Unwind this weekend with our snow day activities the whole family will enjoy. Bundle up and stay warm!
As Always: Stay Strong, San Antonio!

Letters for All

Stuck indoors with idle hands? Use those hands to write a letter a cheer up someone who needs it! Handwritten letters are an art of their own, and one so rarely indulged in. The Write On campaign connects you to organizations who collect letters for those who need it most: the sick, the elderly, and the lonely. Defy the isolation of this season by bridging the gap and making someone’s day!
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Classroom Heroes

Teacher have always been the unspoken heroes of childhood. Now more than ever, teachers are doing the most so that today’s youth can still have a enlightening and fun school experience. Nominate a teacher who deserves the extra recognition so we can all celebrate them! Plus, one teacher will win $500!
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Color outside the Lines

There’s snow everywhere! After trying to make a snowman or dodging snowballs, you might be out of ideas for how to make the most of this bizarre weather. Consider adding some color to your yard with food dye based snow paint! Your kids will love the creative outlet, and your neighbors will appreciate the spot of color in an endless sea of white.
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More Activities

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