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Home Buying Step 11: Reading the Inspection Report

Typically, you will receive the report within 24 hours, which is GREAT! You will have time to review, chat with us and discuss options. Often reports are 20+ pages, which of course, as a buyer, makes you think there is A LOT wrong with the house. However, that is not the case. The report is very thorough, meaning it will list everything from cosmetic issues to major structural issues. Our goal is to make sure you are buying a house that is structurally sound and safe, this is where our attention will be focused. 

Issues related to: 

  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing
  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Water Intrusion


Here is the course of action we will take with issues in the report: 


  1. If you would like to, you can hire additional inspectors to visit the property and provide another opinion. 
  2. We will make the follow three lists. 
    • Items the seller MUST repair or no deal 
    • Items you would like fixed but willing to close without repairs
    • Items you can pinterest and DIY, or not fix at all 
    • We will help you make these lists and categorize appropriately, suggest when you may be asking too much or possibly not enough.
    • Remember, sellers are most likely providing one year of home warranty coverage.  
  3. What can we ask the sellers to cover? 
    • To credit the cost of repairs towards closing. If your closing costs were estimated to $4000, and the seller pays $1000 at closing for the cost of repairs, then your closing costs would be $3000.  The $1000 you had originally saved can now be used to pay for repairs. 
    • In the case that a home warranty plan as not already been included in the contract, we can negotiate one now. 


Once we have all of our terms in order, we will present it the seller’s agent. We can sometimes have a full agreement in pretty soon, in some cases it may take a few days, especially if there are more inspections being done. As always, we will let you know as soon as we hear an update. 

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