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Home Buying Step 20: Time To Pack

This is when it starts to feel REAL: it’s time to pack! 

Do It Yourself Move

If you are moving yourself, you may have already started packing, but here are some of life hacks for packing and moving. #thankyoupinterest 

If you need boxes, check out One Dollar Moving Boxes, they even deliver the boxes to you! 

Hiring Movers

If you are hiring movers, now is the time to call for estimates on cost and availability. Two things to keep in mind: 

  1. At this point the closing date can still be changed, ask about flexible dates. 
  2. If you plan to move on the day of closing, remember that it can take up to 2 hours. Depending on the time of day when you close, the loan may not be fully funded for several more hours, and you cannot move until it is officially funded.  

Here is our recommendation for a moving company here in San Antonio: 

First Responders Moving– a local company owned and operated by firefighters. All team members have a background in fire department, law enforcement or the military. Superior customer service! 

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