First of all, thank you so much for choosing us! We know you did not make this decision lightly and value that you trust us with this responsibility.  

Secondly, here is our check list for sellers, please download this and keep it handy through the process. We have some paperwork for all of us to sign. We can do it in person or via Docusign, let us know which you prefer, and we are happy to make it work. The following is what you will be signing: 

  • Information about Brokerage Services
  • Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards and Deficiencies
  • Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement Exclusive Right to Sell
  • Sellers Disclosure Notice
  • Sellers Authorization to Release and Advertise Certain Information 
  • Request for Information from Home Owner’s Association (if applicable)
  • Information about Special Flood Hazard Areas
  • Information about Property Insurance for Buyer or Seller
  • Centralize Showing Set Up Form 
  • Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet
  • Addendum for Seller’s Disclosure on Lead Based Paint
  • MLS Input Form 
  • CMA Disclosure 
  • RE/MAX Disclosure of Home Coverage 
  • T-47 Residential Real Property Affidavit
  • Child Miracle Network Recognition 

Third, we have some homework for you. Please tell us what makes your home so special.  Buyers already know what highway you are close to and how many bedrooms are in the house. 

This is where you can share the details that you know after living in the house for some time, like the fact that you have 2 sets of cardinals in your back yard or that you always have a breeze on the patio around 7:00 in the evening.  It may have taken you years to find the perfect place for your Christmas tree, share that location with them so they can try it out their first Christmas.  We will provide a template for you to write down your favorite things about your home.

Also let us know the mundane; things like the hall bathroom takes the longest to get hot water to and the preferred cleaner for the wood floors is Bona wood floor cleaner.  Share with them what day is trash day and what day is recycling day. If there is something you think would be helpful, let them know. These kinds of things are really appreciated.

Leaving this kind of information for buyers who tour your house leaves a lasting impression and something you let them know may help them choose your house over another.