On the day before or the morning of your photography appointment: 

  • Make your beds. 
  • Remove things from your bathroom counters.
  • Remove dish soaps, sponges, dishes from kitchen counters.
  • Prior to the appointment, take pictures on your own, rooms tend to look difference through the lens, now you can review them and edit the room some more if need be.
  • We LOVE your pets! But we want to make sure we are selling your home, not your pets. So, it’s best for them to be out of sight for the pictures, including all their fun toys, plush beds and cute bowls. We can help arrange this as well.  
  • We can also take pictures of neighborhood, condo or townhouse amenities.
  • We have learned a few tricks for moving items to make our photographer’s pictures EVEN better. We also use this time to help make your home show ready. We leave a list of things we have moved, where you can find them and where they should be when showing your home. 

We know you have busy schedules, please know you do not have to be home for the photography appointment. We will be there for you.

Once we receive the photos back (sometimes 24-36 hours), it will take just minutes to upload in the MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and make your listing live on the market!