It’s show time! Here are some suggestions for this to go smoothly for you! 

General Tips

  • Plan to be gone for about 1.5 hours. Typically, there is a one hour time block for buyers to see the property, leaving a bit earlier and returning a little after the time frame ensures they have all the time they need if buyers show up early or stay a bit later. 
  • Take pets with you, or make sure they are kenneled for their own safety as well. 
  • Display your “Top Ten Reasons We Love Our Home”
  • Display the brochures and listing sheets we have provided as well.
  • Make sure the temperature is comfortable.
  • Turn off alarm systems but still lock all doors and windows. The buyer’s Realtor will be using our lock box to enter and leave.
  • Fresh clean smells are best. 
  • Playing easy listening music is always a plus!
  • Hide valuables or take them with you.

Living Area

  • Open all the curtains and blinds.
  • Turn on all the lights.


  • Put all toilet seats down.
  • We’ll provide you with a caddy to quickly store items on your countertops.


  • Clear dishes from the sink.
  • Wipe down countertops.

If your home is vacant, have a friend or neighbor stop by to: 

  • Open blinds
  • Make sure the temperature is ok

We will share any feedback with you after showing! As always if you have any questions, call or text us!