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Home Selling Step 19: 10 Things to Do Before Closing

While we are talking about closing, here is a list of 10 things to do before the big day! 

  1. Clean the House – if you don’t have time, you can hire someone and we have a list of recommendations, too! Wipe down cabinets, inside and out, polish bathroom & kitchen fixtures, dust windowsills, sweep & vacuum everywhere, including the garage. It’s not always necessary to shampoo any carpet, but it’s a nice touch. Don’t forget outside, make sure to mow the lawn. Here is a link to the hazard waste disposal as well.  
  2. Empty Cabinets & Storage – Check and recheck that all cabinets and storage areas have been emptied. Especially those hard to reach areas (like above the refrigerator), and the attic.
  3. Extra Materials – Ask the new homeowner ahead of time if they would like you to leave recent paint, floor tiles, etc.
  4. Attachments – Anything permanently attached should remain with the house unless contractually negotiated. To include: curtain/drapery rods, blinds/shades, tv mount/speaker mount, lighting fixtures. Some things aren’t permanently attached but may be included as such, fireplace screens, fireplace logs, curtains, video doorbells and keys. 
  5. Repairs – Patch holes in walls and touch up paint.
  6. Trash – Try not to leave a ton of trash at the curb for pick up unless pick up is that day. 
  7. Water Supply Line – Be sure to check the refrigerator water supply line is not leaking after you disconnected it. Flooding is a common occurrence from this source. 
  8. Utilities – Transfer bills, cancel utilities and insurance on the day after your scheduled closing. Here are some Helpful Numbers in San Antonio
  9. Manuals – Leave all warranty and instruction manuals in a kitchen drawer. It’s also a nice touch to leave other pertinent information like which mailbox is yours, garage door code, written instructions on how to turn on specialty items, too. 
  10. Keys & Remotes – Leave these items in the kitchen drawer or bring to closing. Don’t forget the garage door or gate remotes from your car!

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